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SNAC Committee Members for 2017-2018


Parent Name Role / Committee School Year
Jennifer DiMarco Chair /Website / Emails St. Thomas High School

Year 2 of 2 of Mandate       

Angela Berryman Parent Commissioner for Special Needs  PETES / Macdonald HS Year 2 of 2 year mandate
Stephanie Shaffer  

Pierrefonds Comprehensive HS

Year 2 of 2 of Mandate  
Donnalynn Rainey  Rep to PC Macdonald High School Year 2 of 2 year Mandate 
Christine McLean   Dorset Elementary Year 2 of 2 year Mandate
Sheila Moody Co-Vice Chair HS Riverdale Year 2 of 2 of Mandate
Kathy Robinson Alternate Rep to PC  Westwood Jr Year 1 of 2 year Mandate
Randi Spanier Treasurer  Beechwood & Riverdale Year 1 of 2 year Mandate
Annette Banton Co -Vice Chair Elem  Allion Year 1 of 2 year Mandate
Mei Feng Chen     Year 1 of 2 year Mandate
Leeann Blondin     Forest Hill Sr. Year 1 of 2 year Mandate
Marie-Hélène David  Secretary   Year 1 of 2 year mandate
Geneviève Raymond-Parent Rep to Programs & Services  Birchwood Year 1 of 2 year mandate


Robert Gilmartin Independent Association of Support Staff (IASS)
Arlene Tennant Pearson Teachers Union (PTU)
Maureen Hunt Non Teaching Professionals (PEP)
Brigitte Valois Pearson Association of School Administrators (PASA)
Franca Kesic West Island Association for the Intellectually Handicapped (WIAIH)
Daniel Olivenstein Commissioner
Dr. Cindy Finn

Representative of the Director General


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