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SNAC Committee Members for 2020-2021

Parent Name Role / Committee School Year
Jennifer DiMarco Chair /  Website / Emails St. Thomas High School

Year 2 of 2

Sheila Moody emails / Social Media Subcommittee

Pierrefonds Community HS

Year 2 of 2 
Lisa Mancini Vice Chair / Rep to PC / Social Media Subcom. Christmas Park Year 2 of 2
Evelyne Hornblower Secretary St. John Fisher Year 2 of 2
Lauren Broad Treasurer Dorset Elementary Year 1 of 2
Kathy Robinson Alternate rep to Programs & Services Westwood Sr. High School Year 1 of 2
Michelle Wilson   Margaret Manson Year 1 of 2
Nora Salvaggio Social media subcommittee St. Edmund Year 1 of 2 
Susana Lazaro Parent commissioner - special needs / Social Media Subcommittee John Rennie HS Year 1 of 2
Dyana Gampel Rep to Programs & Services / Alt Rep to Parents Committee / Social Media Subcommittee Springdale Year 1 of 2
Kiley Philp  Social media subcommittee John Rennie / Place Cartier Year 1 of 2


Robert Gilmartin Independent Association of Support Staff (IASS)
Christina George Pearson Teachers Union (PTU)
Victoria Stuhec Non Teaching Professionals (PEP)
Monique Thirlwell Non Teaching Professionals (PEP)
Randal Howarth Non Teaching Professionals (PEP) Alternate
Laurence Assouline Pearson Association of School Administrators (PASA)
Alexandra Desbiens-Leighton Pearson Association of School Administrators (PASA)
Franca Kesic West Island Association for the Intellectually Handicapped (WIAIH)
Stéphanie Stever

Representative of the Director General

Danny Olivenstein Council of Commissioners


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