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Special Needs Handbook: Navigating the system

This handbook is intended as a source of information and reference for parents who may have a child with special needs.

This is a reference for all teachers, professionals, and other people interested in supporting our students with special needs, and their families. You are not alone.

As parents we constantly adapt to the challenges of bringing up our children. We want them to be contributing members of society. As our kids go through the school system, there are bumps in the road and, sometimes, roadblock that seem insurmountable. This handbook is for parents, teachers, support staff, administrators and other people who support students with special needs.

·         You may think that your child has special needs, and be looking for an evaluation.
·         You may have just heard form a teacher that your child has some problems at school.
·         You may have a child who has just been diagnose as a student with special needs and you are looking for answers.
·         You may feel that no one is listening to you and that you need some information.




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