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General Information

According to the Education Act , Section 185: "Every school board shall establish an advisory committee on services for handicapped students and students with social maladjustments or learning disabilities".




SNAC is represented by a body of individuals encompassing:

  • a majority of parents/guardians of children with special needs

  • a representative from the Independent Association of Support Staff (IASS)

  • a representative from the Pearson Teachers Union (PTU)

  • a representative of non-teaching professional staff (PEP)

  • a representative from the Pearson Association of School Administrators (PASA)

  • a representative from the council of commissioners

  • a representative to the director general

  • a representative from a community agency that supports children with special needs

The role of this committee is to: 

  •  Advise the school board on a policy for the organization of educational services for students with special needs
  •  Advise on the allocation of financial resources for the provision of services intended for these students

While SNAC does not deal with individual issues, parents/guardians of children with special needs are welcome to attend the monthly meetings.  We have a public question periods at each meeting

For those who are interested, here is a link to the SNAC Rules of Internal Management  (updated March 2021)


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