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Thank you so much for those of you who attending our Parent to Parent IEP Information Exchange February 2016! 
As promised we have compiled the list of questions and provided answers to them. This document can be viewed here.
Do you have more questions about how an IEP works?
Please EMAIL us so we can add your questions to our working document!


















(I) School Board Policy for Students with Special Needs 

Please note that the LBPSB is in the process of updating this Policy, and expects to put the new policy into effect as of September 2013.

Please refer to the "External Reports" tab on the left, to read SNAC's input and recommendations regarding this policy change.


(II) Complaint Examination Procedures

(Please note the links below come directly from this page on the LBPSB website)

Please click HERE for the 4 page .pdf on the Complaint Examination Procedure By-Law 9 - revised June 28th, 2010.

Please click HERE to open up the .pdf on Procedure for a Complaint  formatted in a powerpoint presentation.  

Please click HERE for a Questions & Answers Document on Complaint Examination Procedure - revised May 2011


(III)  Please click HERE for the link to Bill 101, Article 81  MELS website mentioning exceptions for being educated in English 


Please click HERE for the link to Pedagogical Flexibility, Adaptations and Modifications for Special Needs Students - Is your child on track for graduation?


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