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IEP Parent Representative on Governing Board

SNAC and the Central Parents Committee 
suggested that this new optional role be introduced, explained and decided upon at every School's
Annual General Assembly (AGA) in September 2015.

This position could be created if the parents who attend your school's Annual General Assembly approve the decision.

Also, an existing Governing Board parent of a student on an IEP can nominate themselves for this position.

If approved, the role of this GB parent representative would be:

  • To make decisions in the best interests of all students at the school
  • Serve as a contact person for parents of students with special needs at the school
  • Act as an Email Liaison to bring feedback, suggestions and ideas from your school to SNAC, and bring SNAC information to your school

Please note that while all parents of students with IEPs are most welcome to attend SNAC meetings to ask questions and provide feedback, representatives who accept this position are NOT required to attend SNAC meetings.

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document about this potential new position addresses some of the questions that have been asked throughout this year. 

If you have been selected to this position at your school, congratulations! Please Contact Us.


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