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SNAC Consultation Responses


Consultation Response: Field Trip and Extra Curricular Activities  March 2018


Revised Addendum C

Revised Addendum D

Revised Addendum E

Consultation Response: Budget March 2018 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Evaluation of Student Learning Consultation: January 2018 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Consultation of By-Law 9A and By-Law 9B, Complaint Examination Procedure:  May 2017 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response:  Three-Year Plan of Allocation and Destination of Immovables 2017-2020:  April 2017 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response:  By-Law 1E Fix the Day/Time Place of the Regular Meetings of the Executive Committee: April 2017 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response:  By-Law 1 Fix the Day/Time Place of the Regular Meetings of the Council of Commissioners: April 2017 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: By-law 5 Commissioner's Code of Ethics April 2017 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Budget Consultation 2017-2018: March 2017 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Three Year Plan Immovables 2016-2019: May 2016 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: 5 Year Strategic Plan: May 2016 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: 5 Year Strategic Plan: Letter to Council to Request Extension DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Budget Consultation 2016-2017: March 2016 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Enrollment Criteria 2016-2017: November 2015 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Budget Consultation 2015-2016: March 2015 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Three Year Plan 2015-2018: April 2015 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Enrollment Criteria 2015-2016: November 2014 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Emergency Preparedness Policy: May 2014 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Student Transportation Policy: April 2014 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Budget Consultation 2014-2015: March 2014 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Arts and Culture: March 2014 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Enrollment Criteria 2014-2015: November 2013 DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Safe and Caring Schools Policy Consultation  2013-2014:  May 2013 ►DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Budget Consultation 2013-2014: March 2013 ►DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Policy on the Employment & Assignment of Relatives: February 2013 ►DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: 2012 Meeting dates of Council and Executive Committees: May 2012 ►DOWNLOAD
Consultation Response: Budget Consultation 2012-2013: March 2012 ►DOWNLOAD




SNAC Suggestions regarding the LBPSB Special Needs Policy



SNAC Response to the LBPSB School Board Consultation regarding the proposed updated Policy for Students with Special Needs, which summarizes SNAC’s advice and suggestions for improvement
                (June 5, 2013)


SNAC and CPC sent a joint letter to the LBPSB Council of Commissioners, requesting an extension of the Deadline for Response to Consultation: “Students with Special Needs: Policy on the Organization of Services”  until the 2013-2014 school year
                (April 25, 2013)

Prior to the writing of the new "Students with Special Needs: Policy on the Organization of Services” which is currently under Consultation, SNAC provided the following suggestions:
                (April 17, 2012)






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