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The 2016-2017 Annual General Meeting
and Selection of Parent Representatives
to the Special Needs Advisory Committee will be on:

*Wednesday, September 14, 2016*

 at 7pm, in the Boardroom
1925 Brookdale Avenue, Dorval

We encourage all parents of students on an IEP to attend
the SNAC Annual General Meeting. Nominations will be accepted for 4 voting parent positions and 5 non-voting parent positions.

Any parent of a student on an IEP who is interested in joining SNAC can nominate themselves to join the committee. We encourage you to join us, and participate in selecting your parent representatives. Have your voice heard!

Please click here to read the SNAC Constitution, which includes a description of the roles of the committee members.


All SNAC Monthly Meetings are held at the LBPSB Head Office at 
1925 Brookdale Avenue in Dorval 

All parents of students on an IEP are welcome to attend!


IEP's: An Essential Guide: A Questions and Answers document

Thank you so much for those of you who attending our Parent to Parent IEP Information Exchange February 2016! 
As promised we have compiled the list of questions that were asked by parents, and provided answers to them. This document can be viewed here.
Do you have more questions about how an IEP works?
Please EMAIL us so we can add your questions to our working document!


NEW: IEP Parent Representative on Governing Board

SNAC and the Central Parents Committee 
suggested that this new optional role be introduced, explained and decided upon at every School's
Annual General Assembly (AGA) in September.

This position could be created if the parents who attend your school's Annual General Assembly approve the decision.

Also, an existing Governing Board parent of a student on an IEP can nominate themselves for this position.

If approved, the role of this GB parent representative would be:

  • To make decisions in the best interests of all students at the school
  • Serve as a contact person for parents of students with special needs at the school
  • Act as an Email Liaison to bring feedback, suggestions and ideas from your school to SNAC, and bring SNAC information to your school

Please note that while all parents of students with IEPs are most welcome to attend SNAC meetings to ask questions and provide feedback, representatives who accept this position are NOT required to attend SNAC meetings.

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document about this potential new position addresses some of the questions that have been asked throughout this year. 

If you have been elected to this position at your school, congratulations! Please Contact Us.




It is with utmost pleasure that I welcome you to the Special Needs Advisory Committee (SNAC) site of the Lester B. Pearson School Board.  The SNAC Committee is represented by a body of individuals encompassing parents of children with special needs, school commissioners, principals, a representative of non-teaching professional staff, a teacher representative and a representative from a community agency that supports children with special needs. The role of the Committee is to advise the school board on policies for the organization of educational services that would ultimately affect students with special needs.

A wide array of students with special needs are represented, from ADHD to learning disabilities, sensory and physical challenges, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), intellectual disabilities, and speech and language disorders.

Elections are held yearly in September at an Annual Public Meeting at the school board head office. Meetings are held monthly and all are welcome to attend. However, specific individual issues are not addressed at SNAC. Only issues that affect the special needs population as a whole are addressed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail should you have any comments, questions or suggestions.

We wish you all the best in your child’s academic endeavours with Lester B. Pearson!

Warm regards,

Brett Hillgartner - Chair  2015-2016
Special Needs Advisory Committee  


we are a proud member of the Peaceful Schools International

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